Television presenter: Catherine gee Biography,age, husbandh, marriage, partner, net worth, brother, wedding wiki info

Television presenter: Catherine Gee- is a television presenter the BBC relocation programme Escape to the Country 51 years old And born Capricorn 1st of January 1967 DATE OF BIRTH today we provide wiki info Catherine gee Biography marriage partner net worth brother wedding

Catherine Gee biography
Catherine Gee biography 

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Catherine Gee:- born July 1967) is an English television presenter and property expert who took over as the host of the popular ITV daytime makeover show 60 Minute Makeover in 2011. Prior to this she was best known for presenting the BBC relocation programme, Escape to the Country and being the location presenter on the long-running BBC Two panel game Through the Keyhole. She also ran Country Living's The Farmer Wants a Wife matchmaking campaign, presenting the related television programme. Also in 2007 she presented Fantasy homes by the sea.

Television presenter: Catherine gee Biography,age, husbandh, marriage, partner, net worth, brother, wedding wiki info

father Name Stephen, Lewis
Catherine Gee Daughter :
Terri Dwyer
catherine gee partner Jules Hudson
Catherine Gee Age: 51 
Catherine Gee born: 1967 
Catherine Gee husband: hugely 
Television credits:
  • Escape To The Country BBC2 Daytime and Primetime 
  • Through The Keyhole BBC1
  • The Farmer Wants A Wife ITV1
Live Town UK
net worth, USD50k
presenting television BBC  relocation programme

Catherine Gee enjoyed a veriety of jobs before starting her television career. She has worked in the City, as a cook and briefly as an estate agent. In 1995 she joined Country Living magazine as the Editor' Assistant, later moving into organising exhibitions and events when she became Head of Shows running the magazine's portfolio of Country Living Fairs.

At the same time, in an entirely different vein, she also developed and now runs the magazine's The Farmer Wants a Wife campaign? a dating service for lonely farmers (the fruits of her cupid's activities to date amount to eight marriages and two babies).

It was after her involvement in Thames TV's BAFTA nominated documentary about the campaign that Catherine was 'spotted' and approached by Talkback Productions to present their new BBC2 property show Escape to the Country.

Last year, she was asked to replace Lloyd Grossman as co-presenter of BBC1's hugely successful Through The Keyhole with Sir David Frost. She continues to work as a freelance event organiser and filmed a second series of The Farmer Wants a Wife, for ITV1.

More recently, Catherine has been a regular newspaper reviewer on BBC Breakfast News.

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My role is to be conduit between the person who’s being surprised (the homeowner) and the designer – to make sure the person whose house it is will like what’s being done.  I’m also the voice of the viewer, so if a designer says they’re going for a boudoir-look I try really hard to say “What is a boudoir look, and how are you going to do it?”   Apart from that I tend to make the beds and get squashed against walls.  There are nail biting moments when we’re hitting the few minutes.  When we overrun it’s only ever by minutes and as we’ve got OFCOM breathing down our necks we are always clear to explain that.

Television presenter: Catherine gee Biography,age, husbandh, marriage, partner, net worth, brother, wedding , images, photo.

Catherine Gee daughter
 Catherine gee daughter 
 Catherine gee home family
 Catherine gee home family

 Catherine gee father
 Catherine gee father 
 Catherine gee husband
 Catherine gee husband 

 Catherine gee Team
 Catherine gee Team

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